I am just like you!

Raise your hand if you have and continue to put your needs and desires on hold or put them in the back of your mind for a later date? I was recently talking to a friend and client who does this all the time. I myself grew up fishing with my dad and recently decided it was time to get back to getting a line in the water! Even if I do no catch anything, the act of doing it is the idea and what makes it fun!

If you cannot make time for yourself, physically and mentally? How can you take care of others without it effecting your work, family life or attitude?

It is not a selfish act to put yourself first! You can do this with the right diet, hydration, proper mindset and if you need a coach, do it, journaling and showing gratitude. Always try to learn something new by reading, attending seminars or listening to podcasts and most of all do something that you LOVE to do! Something that sets you on fire, ignites your passion and shows your personality!

Remember to do something great for yourself today!

Thank you and be well,

I give hope to wise hard working adults, who are looking for long term solutions to their pain. Who want to move without pain and feel great!